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"Seeing is Believing" Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat nestled in the outlying lushness of Ubud"


Discover a celestial escape in these Balinese-style villas with an ethereal touch—the Angel concept. As you tread the pathway adorned with gentle steps leading to each villa, feel a sense of ascension. The villas themselves embody serenity and grace, with intricate details reflecting celestial beauty. From the heavenly architecture to the divine surroundings, this retreat is a sanctuary for those seeking an otherworldly experience in the heart of Bali.

Escape to the enchanting cultural center of Bali, where tranquility meets vibrant energy. Nestled just 10 minutes away from Ubud, our secluded villas offer a blissful hideaway for those seeking solace from the demands of modern life. Immerse yourself in the rich Balinese way of life, surrounded by lush greenery and the authentic charm of local ceremonies.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Discover a Mystical Village

Ubud in it its self is a mystical village set in the lush verdant hills of Bali, from the amazing architecture of its temples to the beautiful ceremonies and the daily life offerings to the gods.

Relaxe in Hidden Valley of Ubud

Relax in a Hidden Valley of Ubud

Bidadari pronounced Bee-da-dari (Heavenly Angel/Spirit) (Beautiful Girl/Angel) Architect Nyoman Miyoga and Mande Sudarta have created a sanctuary, in harmony with nature.

Dine in the best produce in Bali

Dine on the Best Produce in Bali

We strive to source fresh and organic produce where possible.Our Culinary team headed by our Executive Chef work hard to create tantalizing and delicious food.

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We would like to reward you for booking direct through our website, from relaxing massage, exquisite food, to enchanting local sightseeing and more.

Our villa

Our Villas

Introducing Our Villas - a haven of luxurious accommodations nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Ubud. With a diverse range of stylish villas, each offering seclusion and panoramic vistas over the lush tropical valley, we provide an unparalleled getaway experience.

Nestled in the heart of Bali, this villa seamlessly blends traditional Balinese architecture in luxury. The open-air bathroom invites you to indulge in nature's embrace, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of tropical paradise. Every corner of the villa reflects the essence of Balinese charm, creating an unforgettable retreat for those seeking tranquility and elegance.

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