YOU Deserve It – A Journey to Paradise


You are exhausted yet excited, anticipating and wondering what your get away will be like, is it as good as the photos, is it as good as the reviews? You clamber through airport customs and a sea of people to pick up your luggage and finally make your way out into the sultry stillness of this magical island called Bali. You heave yourself into a people mover and breathe a sigh of relief. Now that was short lived. Oh no…you duck for cover…that was a near miss… traffic whizzing by you in a frenzy, motorbikes grouped together like a hive of bees, all trying to get a few more inches ahead and you think…what have I done?

RELAX, Santai Santai, slowly the traffic starts to thin out as you commence your accent, winding upwards to that magical destination called UBUD. Gone is the concrete jungle and madness of the scenes that lay behind you; greenness and sereneness starts to envelop you. Your body begins to shrug off the anxiety, your eyes take in the scenery and your holiday now feels a little more real. You watch in awe as you pass through the small villages dotted along your journey, the smiling faces of the locals, the shop frontages adorned with the most amazing stone and wood carvings you have ever seen, it is like something out of this world.

The oohhs and aaahhs are but just the beginning as you ease into Ubud. Culture surrounds you, it’s a lot busier than you expected it would be, tourists buzzing by on bikes and on foot, it is the heart of Ubud. There’s Monkey Forest Rd, the Ubud markets and the Royal Palace you have read about. Slowly you turn into a side street near the Palace and head north. Captivating rice fields, small hamlets once again greet you on your final leg. Hey there’s the sign, Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat, phew…you are nearly there. Up, down and bending around a few more hills with verdant rice fields splashed across the landscape and finally travelling through a quaint village called Kelabang Moding…sigh…you have arrived.

Leisurely you turn into the driveway and head down to the reception area. The friendly staff convene to welcome you and you are met with enthusiasm and warmth. My goodness, are your eyes playing tricks, this truly is paradise with a capital P? Just look at the gardens, the vistas with a soft tropical breeze whispering through the giant coconut palms. You check in, the staff busy themselves collecting your luggage and belongings to whisk you away to your secluded hideaway in seventh heaven. Oh that’s right, this is Bidadari, the seven angels, so you are not surprised that this is paradise.

However, you are not quite prepared for what you are about to witness upon your decent to your secluded villa. Every attention to detail has been met, the grand Balinese gated entrance, the gardens awash with colour, the sparkling horizon edge pool, the ornate statues, the luxury, the complimentary fruit basket, a long cold drink and chilled towel…you try to take it all in. As you enter the spacious living areas you are met with sumptuous decor and furnishings, a fully equipped kitchen, Cable TV and DVD player and free wifi. There are so many things of interest that you nearly develop whiplash, your head going in so many directions trying to visually appease the senses…you just know this is the initiation of what is to come.

You edge your way to the bedroom as you definitely warrant a good rest. The room is large and beautifully decorated, the super king size bed beckoning. A quick look at the bathroom, well appointed and the opulence is breathtaking, wow look at those mosaics. You know now that you made the right decision, it is everything and more than you dreamed of and saw on the website…your apprehensions dissolve instantly and the excitement grows. You know instinctively you will not ever want to leave. Now it’s time for a little rest and afterwards…well, where is that menu and yes, you will certainly want your free massage? Relaxation, rejuvenation, indulgence and complete seclusion is your reward…you deserve it.

With Permission

An anecdote from a delighted guest who enjoyed their stay at Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat, Ubud, Bali.