The Lighter and Darker side of an Airport Pick- Up ….heading to Ubud

The question often arises of why Hotels or Villas charge more than the average driver on the street, for Airport Pick- Up and Drop Off.

PLAN A    Private Driver:
Costs more…..
Approx 400,000.00 =$40.00 depending on Hotel
Organised by the hotel you are staying at.
Has Hotel Sign Board with Logo and  YOUR NAME,  easily recognizable and saves confusion…. When you get out of the arrival hall at the Airport you are greeted by a seething mass of people all jostling to pick you and everyone up, its hot humid and you’re dragging your suitcase with one hand and juggling your duty free with the other.
The Driver is waiting for you, welcomes you, takes your luggage and whisk’s you away to the car.
The car is clean, well maintained, air conditioned, also has cold water and chilled face towel to refresh you.
They also know where they are going, and the quickest way to get there.
It is about one and a half hours drive to and from Airport depending on traffic,
so you want to be in comfort and not having to deal with a breakdown, or listening  someone trying to sell you land, a watch, or take you to their friends shop or restaurant whilst they have a captive audience.
If by some chance you leave your brand new iphone or your favourite pair of sunnies  in the car, we can track it down too.
If it seems too expensive go to PLAN B

PLAN B Local Driver
Costs Less….
Plenty of drivers usually can be found smoking outside the Arrivals hall, some are sitting down others are calling out to see if you need a driver, once you have made contact, you need to negotiate price, it can be anywhere from RP 200,000.00 = $20.00 and RP 600,000.00 = $60.00 depending on various circumstances as only known by the Balinese, basically what they think they can get, so bargain hard …be prepared to walk away, you will soon find out if you have been too ruthless.
Before you accept to go make sure the driver knows Ubud area as General Taxi drivers are not allowed to operate in and around Ubud it is only Ubud Local Drivers, so many drivers only know how to get to the Palace in Ubud, but then they can ask someone or phone the Hotel, so make sure you have a map to get to your Villa or Hotel and of course the phone no. Now if it takes a bit longer to get there, they may decide the price should be a bit higher and also expect a tip, but by then they will have told you their life story and you will feel so sorry for them you will be finding yourself digging to the bottom of your pocket to help them and their extended family…That is if in all the confusion you have remembered to change money at an exorbitant rate at the airport, but don’t worry the driver will take you to a money changer, but once again take care as the money exchange rates vary as much as the taxi drivers costs.
If it seems to much of a hassel go to Plan A