An Angel Sings at Bidadari

“What a surprise”…….. ..Rana asked  John and I to accompany him, to meet our guests staying in Villa Tunjung.  We arrive at 7.30 it’s dark, candles are alight,  frogs are croaking and it’s warm and balmy with  a hint of night jasmine in the air, chairs  have been set up  by the pool and most of our staff are seated…We meet a lovely couple Lala and Helmut from Switzerland  Lala is tall and slim, long blonde hair with a beautiful open face and a smile you can’t stop looking at, Helmut is very handsome and very charming…..Suddenly music starts…….and Lala has changed into this amazing dress and starts singing an aria from Carmen.. with a voice from heaven ….Well we couldn’t believe our ears or our eyes …….What an unexpected surprise under a starlit night.  Lala is Gabriella Fritschi  a talented entrepenur who sings Opera, designs clothes ,imports beautiful wooden tables and home wares  back to Switzerland.  What a voice… Lala looks like an angel and sings like an angel…..Bidadari  was truly filled with magic that night